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Hurricane Harvey has brought with it a lot of anxiety and worry. This has prompted a lot of prayer and action on the parts of many. And in a time when we seem to be more focused on the things that divide us, stories of strangers helping strangers come out of Texas and remind us of what humanity is all about.

Local furniture store owner, Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, is one of those stories.



  1. How does Mattress Mack’s story make you feel?
  2. In the introduction to the story, the newscaster says that the story takes place in the community called Humble. What does the word humble mean?
  3. In what ways did Mattress Mack show humility?
  4. Read Matthew 25:37-45. What is Jesus telling the disciples in these verses?
  5. How has Mattress Mack cared for Jesus?
  6. Mattress Mack tells the reporter, “What we can’t afford is to cause these people to lose hope.” What is hope so important in times of tragedy?
  7. The story also highlights how those who have been helped by Mattress Mack are giving back. How does “paying it forward” encourage hope?
  8. The parable that Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 25 teaches that God will judge humanity based on its response to human need. What grade would you give humanity?
  9. What does Mattress Mack inspire you to do?


“We’re here to help. . . That’s who we are,” Mattress Mack says.

The news story does not say if Mattress Mack is a Christian or not, but his example of being Christ-like cannot go unnoticed. Mack embodies Christ as he welcomes the stranger, feeds them, clothes them, and gives them shelter. “This is who we are,” should be the mantra of all Christians. We respond to the needs of our neighbors by putting aside our own desires and being other-centered.

Mattress Mack gave selfishly of himself and his business, without concern for himself. His concern was solely focused on the needs of flood victims. The story highlights that Mattress Mack has done this before. And not just in response to severe flooding.

May we strive to do the same.


Lord, open our eyes to see others as you see them. Give us compassionate hearts to see the needs of others. Guide our hands and feet to respond to the needs that we see. Remind us, that when we serve others, we serve you. Amen.


Consider ways you can help with Hurricane Harvey. Click here for some ideas, including assembling flood buckets.