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In 1996 the song “Mary, Did You Know?” written by Mark Lowry, was released. Since then, it has become a Christmas standard, sung by various artists and church choirs. Lowry had pondered questions he would ask Mary if he had the chance to sit down and talk to her. Buddy Greene put music to those questions. It is hard to find a version of the song that is different. In the video below, the Singing Contractors stop their work to sing.



  1. If you could sit down with Mary, what questions would you ask  her?
  2. Imagine for a moment that you are Mary receiving the news that you will bear the Son of God. What would your reaction be?
  3. Read Luke 1:46-55. What was Mary’s response?
  4. What does it say about God’s character that an unwed, pregnant teenager from a low income family is chosen to give birth to the Savior of the world?
  5. What has God called you to recently that may be difficult? What was your response?


Adam Hamilton, in his book The Journeywrites about Mary’s song this way:

“She was simply putting voice to what she had felt and experienced – that God favors and is merciful toward the humble and those who fear him. But he scatters the proud and pulls down the mighty from their thrones.”

Mary knew that she was considered “lowly” by her neighbors. Even so, she was confident in the task that God had called her to. When her response would have easily been guilt or remorse, she chose joy. She cried out, “Yes, Lord, yes!”

We wonder if Mary knew all that Jesus would become. We wonder how Mary so easily accepted this unexpected turn in her life. Perhaps it was her humility. She was not proud, she was not mighty. She was a humble, small town girl. Her faith in the God of creation was the foundation on which she navigated the challenging times.

Mary knew that Jesus was special, and not just in the way that mother’s do. Remember the wedding at Cana? The party ran out of wine, and Mary urges Jesus to do something about it. Jesus starts to rebuke his mother, who will not take no for an answer.

Mary knew.


Lord God, we give thanks for the witness of Mary, who said, “Yes,” when called upon. May we have the same confidence and courage that she had to bear your Son in our world today. Amen.