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In 2013, Walt Disney began releasing new Mickey Mouse shorts. It all started with the Mouse. Mickey came into being in the late 1920’s and started in some brilliant animated shorts for years. The animation of these new Mickey Mouse shorts are nothing like the originals though, and take a little bit of getting used to, at least for me it was. The animation is similar to what you might find on Cartoon Network, for better or for worse.

In the short below, Mickey and Minnie are having a romantic evening out, and plan to place a lock on the bridge, like so many others, as a symbol of their love for one another.



  1. Mickey and Minnie romantic symbol of placing the lock on the bridge doesn’t quite go as planned. How often do things in your life not go as planned? What do you do when that occurs?
  2. While Minnie is trying to get the key, Mickey is bumping against a tree. A beehive falls onto Mickey, making matters worse. What are your beehive moments like?
  3. Feeling defeated, Mickey and Minnie both notice the “M & M” on the heart and remember their love for another. Do you need to be reminded for your love for someone?
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 12:20-26. What do these verses say about teamwork?
  5. If Mickey and Minnie realized the importance of teamwork earlier, what difference would it have made?
  6. The couple notices an ant trying to pick up a leaf. Another ant comes along and helps the first ant lift up the heart shaped leaf. They provide an example or model of teamwork for Mickey and Minnie. Who has modeled effective teamwork for you?
  7. How does being “locked in love” relate to teamwork?
  8. When we consider the recent events in cities across the country, but especially in Charlottesville, Virginia, how does this idea of being locked in love work in our communities?
  9. Why, do you think, there is hate?
  10. How do we lock ourselves together in love?


The ants are the turning point in this short. These little creatures show Mickey and Minnie what it looks like to work together. The couple is inspired and is able to come up with a solution that works. But look at everything they had to go through to get to that point.

How true is that in our own lives? We struggle with others and with various situations trying to untangle ourselves from the mess we are in, only to get more tangled. But, if we work together, in love, think of all that we can accomplish.

Instead of debating, complaining, and struggling with one another, less us lock ourselves in love. In this way, we can work together as the Body of Christ, doing good in our communities and churches. Locked in love, we can be light in the darkness. Locked in love, we can be Christ in the midst of a broken world.


Lord, help us to be locked in love with one another so that we, as the Body of Christ, may work together to share your love with others.


Invite your group to design their own love lock. You can get cheap locks at a dollar store. Here are some ideas. 

You can place the locks around the church for church members to discover. Or, place them around your community, showing that your church/group loves your community.