I wrote the following review of the film “Where Hope Goes” for ScreenFish.net.

Where Hope GrowsCalvin Campbell (Kristoffer Polaha) is a former baseball player who is searching for a new purpose in life. After his formative career ended, a drinking problem began. This added to his struggles as a single father to his teenage daughter, Katie (McKaley Miller). Katie is dating a boy that Calvin knows is no good, but the more Calvin tries to steer Katie in a different direction, the wider the gap between the two becomes. While the character of Calvin is a bit of a cliche, he provides the foundation for what will be a warming tale of hope.

Everything begins to change for Calvin when he meets a young man whom everyone calls Produce.

Produce is the stock boy at the local grocery store who has Down syndrome. He knows every number on each piece of fruit and vegetable.  He rides his bicycle to work each day, with his worn Bible in the basket along with his green, produce apron.

Produce is brought to life by an outstanding performance by David DeSanctis.  DeSanctis makes Produce likable from the very beginning. His preformance creates an interest in Produce. We want to be know more about him. More importantly, what DeSanctis brings to this film through Produce is hope, and that is exactly what Calvin needs in his moment of crisis.

Hope is a central element to any faith.

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