This afternoon our mission team split up into two groups to walk through Los Diques. Maruja – the pastor’s wife, a leader of the church – walked with the group I was in.

As we walked along the uneven dirt roads, being sure not to lose our balance on the massive rocks, Maruja would point out different homes and tell us who lives there or who lived there. She would stop at almost every person we met along the way to talk to them. A few times she asked us to pray for that family.

What occurred to me as we walked along these dusty roads, up mountain trails, and through mud, was that Maruja knew these people. And not in that I know your name and stuff about you kind of way, but in that deeply personal-relational way. She knows their stories, and she knows because she deeply cares for this community.

It was the rocky, dusty roads of Los Diques where I caught a glimpse of God today.