How often does the true meaning of Christmas get lost in the excitement of the holiday?

Circle of Christmas

In the VeggieTales Christmas tale Saint Nicholas, the Veggies are experiencing this same tension. The kids are concerned about what they will get and how they will spend their money on themselves. The excitement starts to get a little dim when Laura Carrot’s dad is in danger of losing his job because his truck has broken down . . .again. Larry thinks they should write a letter to Santa Claus asking to fix the problem. Bob,  however, knows what will really help the situation. He tells the children (and Larry) the story of boy named Nicholas who made a discovery in Bethlehem that changed him (and us) forever. 

Bob’s story is the origin of Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus. They use the common story of how Nicholas helped a poor man who did not have enough money to help his daughters. The story gets some creative spins to it, mostly thanks to Larry who is still trying to turn Saint Nicholas into the modern-day Santa.

SzNUQmRNLTBBX3Mx_o_veggietales---saint-nicholas-a-story-of-joyful-givingThroughout the whole storytelling, there are number of humorous moments, some parents will enjoy more than the kids. The fun continues with the short break in the story with “Helpful Humanitarian Songs with Mr. Lunt,” instead of “Silly Songs with Larry.” The song is “Donuts for Benny,” who is a dog. It’s hilarious! The morale of the song? Don’t give dogs donuts.

The story of Saint Nicholas ties well with the story of Laura Carrot’s family and the community helping them out. While the Carrot family is at the Christmas Eve service, the other Veggies collect enough money to get the father’s truck fixed, and decorate their home. The meaning of Christmas is more about giving to others, especially those in need, than it is about getting for yourself.

Saint Nicholas is a great addition to the VeggieTales canon.