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TOTSOCE, also known as Trick-or-Treat-So-Others-Can-Eat, is our youth group’s annual fall mission project.  We go out into one of the neighborhoods near the church and leave brown paper bags with a flyer attached to it explaining what we’re doing, and then we come back a few days later to pick up those bags.

This year we asked for donations including toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, bar soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, laundry detergent, and baby wipes.  All of these items were donated to Ashland Christian Emergency Services, Inc. (ACES).  ACES serves the needy in the Ashland-Hanover areas, including motel families. We delivered 110 bags, some to the point of breaking, to ACES, whose shelves were a little bare.

Over the past year, ACES has more than doubled in their giving, which is a direct reflection of our economy these days.  Many people don’t realize how much these basic items are hard to come by for families living in poverty.  The items that we collected, things like toilet paper that so many of us take for granted, are often too expensive and are not covered by food stamps.

All the donations ACES receives are given away.  In addition, ACES does not purchase any of the items it gives away.  It relies solely on the donations of individuals, organizations, and churches.  For more information about ACES, visit their web site.

For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love become slaves [servants] to one another. (Galatians 5:13)

110 bags donated to ACES


  1. Saw “TOTSOCE” on the PUMC youth group page and had to google it to see what the acronym stood for…this page came up so now I know!
    Sounds like a great mission!

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