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The Engagment

Well, it’s Facebook official.  I’m engaged!  I popped the question to Megan this past Thursday while we were on a mini vacation to Washington D.C.  We had been talking about the trip for over a year and finally our schedules let up to make it happen.  And I thought, what better time to ask.

We left Thursday morning on the train out of the Ashland station.  Once arriving in D. C., we hopped on the Metro (which we learned to love) and headed to Georgetown for an amazing lunch.  After changing into more comfortable clothes, we walked to the Mall area.  We headed first to the Lincoln Memorial.  I have been to D. C. a few times, but never been to the Lincoln Memorial.

I was looking forward to standing at the top and looking out over the Reflecting Pool and imaging the millions of people who gathered to hear Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.   I had looked forward to getting close to the water and imagine what it was like for Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump to run through the pool as he greeted Jenny in his open arms.  But, that didn’t happen.  The Reflecting Pool is currently under construction and there was not a lick of water to be found.

The Reflecting Pool was actually my original plan for the proposal.  So, there we were standing near the pool, with the ring in my pocket, and there was no water.  A huge fence was up and all you can see was a rectangle of dirt.  So, we walked up the Memorial, took some pictures of ole Abe, read parts of the Gettysburg Address as its engraved on the wall, and then we walked around the Memorial.  We got to the side where you could see the Potomac River and I took a seat and encouraged Megan to sit next to me.  No one was around.  It was a quiet and  peaceful spot.  We talked a bit about what we would go see next.  And then beginning with two words (“So . . . Baby”) I asked if she would marry me. . . . and she said yes.

After spending the rest of the day roaming around the city, we had an amazing dinner and evening out at Founding Farmer’s (which we think everyone should check out).


  1. Awesome! I am so happy for you both! Peace, Lyn

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