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Thankful for . . .

Something I’m thankful for is our youth group.

Recently, the youth group at Peakland UMC went Trick-or-Treating-So-Others-Can-Eat.  One Sunday they left bags with flyers explaining what was needed by Rivermont Food Pantry with about 85-90 homes near the church.  The following week, they went back on a “hayless hayride” to collect any bags that were left out on front porches.  Some family homeowners brought their bags to the church.  All together a total of 45-50 bags were collected.

Rivermont Food Pantry was so impressed with the huge collection of Thanksgiving-esque food, that they sent an email out this week to other churches and individuals telling them what our youth did and encouraging other church groups to do something similar.  The email went on to say that a Kroger order was placed, as it is every year by Rivermont, to fill the 48 Thanksgiving Bags they do each year, and thanks to the collection by Peakland Youth, their order was much smaller!

A few Saturdays ago, our youth went to Parkview Mission to help them with cleaning and other renovations.  This is what Glenda Fort, the new Executive Director at Parkview had to say in an email that was sent out to Lynchburg District leaders and clergy:

What a pleasure it was to have . .. youth from Peakland.  These young people sorted and bagged the coats collected and we will begin distributing them soon.  Surplus school supplies were packed and sent to Bass Elementary and UMCOR.  250 pounds each of onions, sweet potatoes, and carrots were bagged and distributed.  Donations were shelved, brush and branches were picked up and disposed of and cleaned up when they were finished.  It may have been a “just one day” mission effort but I sincerel  hope that these fine kids will bless Parkview again in the future.”

Just in the last few weeks, our youth have made a difference in our community that has left an impression on others in the community, some we have never met.  I hope you join me in being thankful for these young people who so willingly gave of themselves.


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