Our YG session this Sunday night is going to be on prayer.  The following illustration is a great one that I like a lot.  The author is unknown and I found it in Faith Weaver’s “Jesus the Champion” youth curriculum.

A little boy was sitting next to a grizzled holy man seated beside the Ganges River.  “Will you teach me to pray?” the boy asked.

“Are you sure that you want to learn?” the holy man asked.  “Yes, of course,” the boy replied.  The holy man grabbed the boy’s neck and plunged his head into the water.  He held him there while the boy kicked and screamed and tried to get away.  Finally, after an interminable period, the holy man let the boy up.  “What was that for?” the boy asked.

The holy man explained, “That was your first lesson in prayer.  When you long for God the way that you longed to breathe, then you will be able to pray.”