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An Afternoon at the Zoo

Friday afternoon we had some family time at the Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk. We first explored the zoo a few summers ago when we were in the area for a family vacation. Once we moved here, we knew we had to get a membership. Now, it is one of our favorite places in town.

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Potty Training

The other night, Toddler J was falling asleep. She was getting close, reaching that stage where the eyes roll back, eyelids close, and head hangs loose. Suddenly, her head popped up and said, “Daddy! Potty!”

I asked her, “Did you potty already?” “No!” she answered, “Potty!”

I scooped her up and headed downstairs. Once in the bathroom, we were on auto-pilot. The Minnie Mouse seat positioned just right, and the toddler, sans diaper, set on the Minnie Mouse seat.  I was instructed to sit in my customary spot on the floor.

And we waited. . . . . and waited.

We waited until I was sure that this was simply a well orchestrated tactic to keep herself awake. I scooped her up, and got a clean diaper. As soon as her PJs were secured around her waist, the protest began.

“No diaper! Potty! No diaper! Potty!”

I heard the cry of my child, and we returned to the bathroom. Back on the Minnie Mouse seat, within seconds, there was the sound of a faint trickle.

So I ask, who is training who?

Book Review: We Just Had a Baby

We Just Had a Baby_coverWe Just Had a Baby, Stephen Kresnky, Capstone Young Readers, 2016.

When a newborn baby comes home, it’s an adjustment for everyone. For Mom, Dad, the pet, and especially the older sibling. It has been found to be helpful to read books about new babies to young children before the baby arrives. It helps give them the language to help talk about the new baby.

When these changes take place, it can be difficult for the older sibling, especially if she or he is a toddler, to express the emotions around having a younger sibling. What makes We Just Had a Baby different from other books similar to it, is that the book is told from the perspective of a toddler. The language is appropriate for children ages two to five, and is clever and funny in its depiction of a toddler’s point of view.

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