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New Orleans


A Special Announcement

Gordon Preaches

Every Wednesday night I and others go to the local L’Arche  community for Spiritual Life Night. It is an evening of song, storytelling, and prayer. A night is not complete without Gordon, one of the core members, sharing a solo, like “Me and Jesus,” as he does in this picture. 


Support For Adoptive Families

Last month while in Washington DC, I advocated on Capital Hill for adoptive families.

Advocating for Families who Adopt.

Advocating for Families who Adopt.


We held a fundraiser at our church for the Youth Mission Fund where the congregation could “vote” for someone’s yard (choosing from four people) to get flocked with flamingos by the youth. Their votes were in dollars. The person with the most “votes” won the flocking. Well, I won this year, and here is the flocking:

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