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the light pours into the dark room.

it illuminates only a small space.

but it is enough to cast away the darkness.

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The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is descent. 



World War II Memorial – Washington, D. C. 

WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge theme was “nighttime” this week. I snapped this picture this past spring when Megan and I were in D. C. We wanted to go by the WWII memorial, but the only time we had was in the late evening. We walked from where we had dinner, and by the time we got to the memorial, it had turned dark. Once we got there, I realized I had left my camera where we were staying. I snapped this with my iPhone, with the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.


Children’s Time

A photo snapped by Linwood Campbell during worship last week. This is our Children’s Time, where I sit just about every week with our children in worship and talk about the scriptures. In this picture, we are talking about Peter walking on the water . . . . and Spider-Man. You never know what’s going to come up in a children’s time. 

Children's Time

photo by L. Campbell



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