ebert_optThursday the world bid farewell to one of the greatest and most honored film critics: Roger Ebert. Ebert wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years and was on television for 31 years. It was some of those years on television with his on air partner Gene Siskel, that I learned who Roger Ebert was. He watched 100’s of films a year and wrote and talked about them with great passion and purpose.

It was then that I wanted to be Roger Ebert when I grew up.

Of course, God had other plans for my life, and I did not become Roger Ebert. But there was something about the way Ebert would talk about movies that made me want to explore these stories. Because that’s what film is – a form of storytelling. And Ebert knew what was a good story and what was not so good. And he had the courage to tell you so. And in many cases, he could do so with the simple turn of a thumb.

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