This week is LebCamp at our church.  LebCamp is a mission project for a week in the summer.  This is the seventh year that we’ve done this youth mission camp.  The youth stay at the church for the week and then go out in their crews to their mission sites each day.  All the sites are local in our county.  Crews are working at homes, local agencies, and an animal shelter.  And we often go to back to some of the sites we’ve been to before.

LebCamp 2011 Crew with Ms. Clark

One of those sites is the home of Ms. Mary Clark.  When I went to visit the crew working at Ms. Clark’s house today, I found them all gathered around Ms. Clark, listening to her pearls of wisdom and her ponderings on faith.

Once she noticed me, she said, “I was just talking about you.”  She recalled how last year during LebCamp we talked about “that tree planted by the water.”  We had talked about the various scriptures where it mentions a tree planted by the water.  The tree image was apart of our theme last year and I had gone to Ms. Clark’s house to ponder with her about this tree that’s planted by the water.  At the time we had had a rich and deeply spiritual conversation.

She said, “I’ve been thinking about that tree ever since you were here.”

“And you know what,” she added, “we’re that tree and we’re planted in Christ.  If we stay rooted in Christ, we’ll be okay.”  It’s like the old spiritual, “Like a tree, planted by the water, I shall  not be moved.”