Sunday Reads: 12/14/14

  Here are five blog posts I found over the last week or so that I thought were worth sharing and pondering on. They appear in no particular order. Happy pondering. Invite More to the Table by Making… Read More

Why ‘Rent’ Still Matters

Since the early 1990’s the musical Rent has inspired and motivated people to see the world around them as they never have before; to see themselves in others. A few months ago, one of the local high schools performed… Read More

Sermon: Yearning and Hoping

Repost: A Crisis It Will Be

  I’m reposting the audio of a sermon I preached a few years ago at Peakland. I preached this sermon at the Community Thanksgiving service last night.    

Sermon: Step Up and Step Out

Students from E. C. Glass Rent cast singing 'Seasons of Love' at Peakland United Methodist

“Thank You, Jesus!”

Sometime ago a new family started attending our church. They have three children, including a little girl named Rachel. One Sunday, after church, her mother told me that during church Rachel was calling out to me, but instead… Read More

The Longer I Serve

  After visiting my grandparents (PaPa & NaNa) one day this summer, I left marveled at these two witnesses. PaPa is 92 and Nana is 87. They have lived long and fruitful lives. PaPa stationed in Europe during… Read More

Sermon: Love: More Than Words

Sermon: Renew and Transform


Something Beautiful

This picture has been making the rounds on Facebook the past few weeks. The first picture shows what a child did to a wall. The next picture shows what the child’s mother did to that scribble. The mother… Read More

Sermon: Stepping Out

A sermon preached at Shady Grove United Methodist (Spotsylvania) on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 on Matthew 14:22-33.

Since Jesus Passed By

A number of years ago while part of a work camp in Durham, North Carolina, I was assigned to work with a group of young people on the house of an elderly African-American woman. Before even meeting her,… Read More


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