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YouTubevotinal: Trick or Treat

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In the 1952 Disney short, Witch Hazel observes from her broom as Huey, Dewey, and Louie ring the doorbell of their Uncle Donald’s house. Donald has decided to trick the boys instead of giving treats. Donald is having fun with it, but Hazel feels sorry for the three boys. She attempts to get a treat from Donald, but he only offers a trick.

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Book Review: Gracie Meets a Ghost

9781940842134-sm01_page_02Gracie Meets a Ghost, Keiko Sena, Museyon Inc, 2016. 

Gracie is a rabbit who has trouble seeing, and as such has to wear glasses. When she and her friends out to play, she looses her glasses. Oddly, she makes it all the way home before realizing that she has lost them. She heads out to retrace her steps through the woods, in the dark, to find her glasses.

As she walks through the woods, she thinks she sees her glasses, but they turn out to be other creatures living in the woods. A ghost, unnoticed by Gracie, decides to have some fun and scare the rabbit.

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Prayer for Halloween

On this hallowed evening, may the Holy Spirit fill us with the tricks of the trade of mask-making. In the same way that you call us to imagine ourselves in others’ shoes, call us to try on the faces, the masks, the voices, and the characters of those who fascinate and captivate us, those whom we fear, those whom we adore, those who have gone before us.  Guide little ones, elders, and everyone in-between safely as they cross paths with strangers, knock on neighbor’s doors, and open their own front doors. Tonight is a thin place – where darkness and light, heaven and earth, life and death, fear and awe dance so closely together. Saint us, trick, us betwixt us, treat us, beg us, and hallow us as we hallow your name.

Prayer by Elizabeth D. Barnum from Before the Amen: Creative Resources for Worship.

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