Read Romans 1:1-7.

Christmas cards have been sent and received. Our fridges are cluttered with the picture cards from loved ones. Our mantels are decorated with the Christmas wishes from families. We feel honored to be remembered and thought of. We feel loved.

Some families include a traditional Christmas letter in their holiday cards. In these letters, they share what has happened over the past year. Facebook is starting to put an end to the Christmas letter for some. But for those who do, the Christmas letter has become an art form. There are even blogs that will help you write it and give you samples.

In the Hellenistic culture of Paul’s day, letter writing was an art. There was a basic template that all letter writers used. These first seven verses from Romans 1 are the letter’s greeting. Paul’s greeting is a tad bit longer than most. Some have called these verses a “mini-sermon” because he communicates grace to all.

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