Sunday Reads: 12/21/14 (Christmas Edition)

This week for Sunday Reads I’m sharing five blog posts about Christmas that I found worth sharing and pondering. They appear in no particular order. Happy pondering. Praise: In the Tradition of Mary’s Magnificant: Jenn at JennRaeSpeaks writes… Read More

God’s Wish List

‘It is not a time to give God our wish list.’ -A. Elaine Brown Crawford, The Lord is Our Light It’s that time of year. We’ve been making lists and checking them twice. I made a list of… Read More

Quote: Advent Reminder

Sermon: Yearning and Hoping

Sunday Reads: 11/30/14

  Here are five blog posts I found interesting over the past week and might be worth pondering. These five posts are in no particular order.

Repost: A Crisis It Will Be

  I’m reposting the audio of a sermon I preached a few years ago at Peakland. I preached this sermon at the Community Thanksgiving service last night.    

VeggieTales in the House

On November 26, Netflix will premiere a new Saturday-morning style series of VeggieTales cartoons.  In the original cartoons, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber would introduce the shorts from the kitchen counter. I never thought about it… Read More

Re-Light Your Candle

Ten candles had been lit to remember the saints who had claimed the promise of the resurrection this past year. The candles were flickering throughout the service. The wax dripped along the edges of the candlelabra. 

Quote: Proactive Faith

Guest Post: The Reality of Ebola in Our Lives as God’s People

The Rev. Nancy Robinson is an ordained deacon in the Virginia Conference and, along with her husband Kip, missionaries to Sierra Leone. She reflects on the reality of Ebola in our lives as God’s people in the world…. Read More

Quote: God’s Pen

Interview: Veggie Tales’ Mike Nawrocki


Telling the story of God’s unconditional love Next week a brand new VeggieTales DVD will be released, “Beauty and the Beet.” In this new show, a Veggie twist of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, Mirabelle (voiced… Read More


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