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App Review: ATG Today

Do you have eight minutes to spare?

The creators of the Awakening to God Today (ATG Today) app hope you do. This app is a devotional-mediation journal to aid the Christian on their walk with God. The guided meditation is simple and easy to use.

The app’s journal feature has three sentences to complete:

Lord, I thank you today for . . .

I believe God is speaking to me today about . . .

Lord, I pray today that you will . . . .

The feature also allows you to upload a picture that you find relates to your pray time. The Timeline allows you to revisit your prayer journals.

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Giveaway: Charlie the Tramp 50th Anniversary

charliethetrampRussel Hoban has written some of the best classics in children’s literature. Bread and Jam for Frances and Bedtime for Frances are two of the most loved.

In 1966, Hoban wrote Charlie the Tramp, illustrated by his wife Lillian Hoban. Charlie is a young beaver who wants to grow up to be a tramp. His parents, much to the dismay of Charlie’s grandfather, allow him to experience the life of a homeless beaver. During this experience, Charlie hears, like young Samuel in the night, the call to his life’s work.

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Giveaway: The Biggest Story DVD & CD

54244xLast year I reviewed The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung, with illustrations by Don Clark. This year, an animated short film and an audio book on CD are available.

The Animated Short Film

The short film features the same beautiful illustrations from the book. The Biggest Story: The Animated Short Film grabs the attention of children and parents alike. The classic stories in the Bible are retold by the author Kevin DeYoung, connecting to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s plan to redeem God’s people.

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Captive Trailer & Giveaway

UnknownCaptive is a new film set for release September 18, 2015. It starts the very talented David Oyelowo, who is widely known as the actor who portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King in the film Selma. My friend Jacob Sahms recently interviewed him for ScreenFish.net. 

The film is based on the true account of serial killer and rapist Brian Nichols (Oyelowo), who on March 11, 2005 escaped police custody in Atlanta, killing a number of people. Not long afterwards, he took Ashley Smith (Kate Mara in the film) hostage for seven hours.

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