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Giveaway: Jeremy Camp CD

Jeremy Camp, the Indiana-born Christian artist, has released a new album, The AnswerThe album as a whole seems to be ordained for such a time as this. With the brokenness and darkness, we see in the world on a daily basis, a message of hope and light is needed.

And a reminder that Jesus is the answer.

In the title track, ‘The Answer,” Camp speaks to the questions, hurt and pain that is in our own lives and in the world today. If you watch the official video you will meet individuals who have gone through darkness and pain in their lives and have found light and joy, including Camp himself. The message of the song is clear, Jesus is the answer to the questions of life.

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Michael W. Smith’s “Sky Spills Over”

Music videos have become powerful storytelling tools. The new video of Michael W. Smith’s “Sky Spills Over” single is no exception. I’ve been listening to Michael W. Smith since my own youth group days (remember “Friends” – the song that was used for every senior goodbye?).

The music video has a Lord of the Flies feel to it. Smith stumbles upon a camp of children who seem to be oppressed by a wild beast. Smith, in a Sword in the Stone kind of way, is able to use the sword lodged in a tree to kill the beast and the children rejoice!

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