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VeggieTales Valentine’s Cards

Season 3 of the Netflix series VeggieTales in the House is scheduled to premiere on March 25. Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Jean Claude, Philippe and Madame Blueberry will be around for more wild adventures coupled with valuable life lessons.


To celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, DreamWorks wants to help you spread some love this weekend with VeggieTales in the House Valentine’s Day cards.

Click here to download. (Downloads as a PDF)

First Look: New VeggieTales Characters

At the end of January, five new episodes of VeggieTales in the House will be released on Netflix. These episodes will bring with them two new VeggieTales characters. Here is an exclusive first look from DreamWorks Animation.

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Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

Not the best movie I’ve seen recently.  Dreamworks did a better job with Kung Fu Panda.  The animation left a lot to desire.  There were some great, humorous lines.  The cast was a great line up, but felt that the writing didn’t take advantage of their talents.

Overall, its a story about a girl who almost marries the wrong guy for the wrong reasons.  Her whole identity – the way she sees herself – is wrapped up in the relationship she was in, complete the pretty bow on top.  Everything changes when, due to a visiting alien, she becomes a classified “monster.”  When put in a prison for monsters, she begins a journey of self-discovery.  Through the various misfit monsters whom she befriends, she learns that the person she really is, is way cooler than the person she was pretending to me.  For the first time she feels free to be herself.

So, despite the negatives, it was a good story.

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