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Scandal 3.3: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

Mary Nesbitt is a grieving mother. She believes with everything in her body and soul that the FBI unjustly killed her son in a raid. She has struggled to have anyone listen to her. So, she goes to Washington and hires Pope and Associates. In a quick background check on her, Quinn learns that the payment Mary Nesbitt made was everything she had left in her bank account. To Olivia, this does not add up.

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Guest Post: Dusting of Control

by Rev. Megan J. Saucier

Read Psalm 95.

Lent Ponderings - jasoncstanley.comThere’s nothing like a nice big snow to throw off your schedule.  Yesterday, Lynchburg received just that.  The weather report shared that it would just be a “dusting” or that it would “only stick to the grass,” but that is not what happened.  The snow kept falling and falling and eventually covered the roads, parking lots, and cars.  I had gone to work to prep for worship and get some other things done.  By 11, I was getting nervous that this was way more than I was comfortable driving in.  It just kept snowing and snowing.  I decided it was best if I went home and finished my work from there.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had snow this winter in our town.  In fact, we’ve had an unusual amount of snow.  Each time it happens, schools are cancelled, work is delayed, and some of us (myself included) rejoice in a quiet day at home.  But those snow days have added up.  All the delays mean that the work or school must be completed at a different time.

Psalm 95 invites us to worship God and acknowledge that God is in charge.

“In his hand are the depths of the earth;
    the heights of the mountains are his also.

The sea is his, for he made it,
    and the dry land, which his hands have formed.” (v. 4-5)

The mountains, the valleys, the sea, the dry land, the snow, the rain are all GOD’S.  Like Psalm 95, snow in the south is a reminder that we are NOT in control.  We are NOT in charge.  Our reactions are evidence of how we feel.  Typically, that means complaining.  “It’s not supposed to snow in the spring.”  “I’m tired of the snow.”  “I’m behind in my work.”  “This means more school days.”  What we are saying is that things aren’t going OUR way.

Psalm 95 reminds us who is really the boss of the universe.  If we really think about it, this is a relief!  Thank goodness we are not responsible for it all.  Thank goodness God has things taken care of.

Today, let your heart be turned to praise as you remember that you are not in control.

Rev. Megan Saucier is the Associate Pastor at Heritage United Methodist Church, and Jason’s wife.

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