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I first discovered Susan Irene Fox and her self-titled blog after she started liking some of mine posts. Out of curiosity I started reading her blog. Susan has a way of sharing profound, spiritual thoughts that are welcoming… Read More

Easter Feet

“But, go, tell his disciples, and Peter that he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him, just as he told you.” (Mark 16:7) A few weeks ago my friend Jennifer posted on Facebook… Read More

Bible’s Major Players: Mary Magdalene

The Bible is filled with some major players. Mary Magdalene is one from the New Testament. Mary Magdalene is one of the few women who are named as followers of Jesus. Mary is often listed first among these… Read More

Noah (2014)

At the sound of his name, Noah has become quite a controversial figure these days. The film has been declared “unbiblical” by many, while deeply theological by others. (For example, there is this YouTube video that someone thought… Read More

Jesus Cried

“Jesus cried.” (John 11:35) Someone told me the other day that her husband’s favorite Bible verse was “Jesus cried.” It is known as the shortest verse in the Bible.  It was her husband’s favorite verse because when he… Read More

Noah: The Bible vs. The Film

I saw the new film, Noah this weekend. There has been a lot said and written about the film. Why you should go see it or why you shouldn’t go see it. For generations of filmmakers, the Bible… Read More

Snake Bites

Read Numbers 21:4-9. Anne was a college student who loved the church. She volunteered as often as she could at the church. She, like her mother and grandmother before her, grew up in this local church. During her… Read More

Path of Grace

Read Psalm 121. My family used to have a collie named Penny. She was a rescue. A friend Dad’s found her in a ditch and we adopted her. I loved that dog. She was sweet and kind. She… Read More

The Third Wheel

Read Genesis 3:1-7. You’ve heard the phrase, “third wheel,” before, I’m sure. It refers to the third person who is hanging out with a couple. Often times the couple might invite the third person to hang out with… Read More

Bible’s Major Players: Tamar

The Bible is filled with some major players. David’s daughter Tamar is one from the Old Testament. Tamar was the daughter of Maacah and David. She is the only daughter of David’s mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. In… Read More

Bible’s Major Players: David

The Bible is filled with some major players. King David is one from the Old Testament. The Bible says that when Samuel anointed David, the “spirit of the Lord came mightily upon” him (1 Samuel 16:13). In the… Read More

Scandal 2.21: Any Questions?

Using the backdrop of Cyrus giving a press conference on Mellie’s unveiling of Fitz’ private life, this episode takes us on another wild ride with Fitz and Olivia and learning who the mole is. The President stayed the… Read More


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