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Book Review: 365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories

365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories: Inspired by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible, Barbour Publishing, Inc., 2017.

Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut (1843-1930) was a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Born in New York City, Hurlbut pastored churches in New Jersey including in Newark, Montclair, Paterson, Plainfield, Hoboken, Morristown, Orange, and Bloomfield.

Hurlbut was a contributor to the Sunday school and tract work of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He served as secretary of the Epworth League from 1889-1892. He also served as a District Superintendent of the Newark District.

Hurlbut was a prolific writer.  His Story of the Bible was written to help children become familiar with the stories of the Bible. These retelling of Old and New Testament stories were written for children ages six and older.

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Book Review: The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep

The Bear Who Couldn't SleepThe Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep, Caroline Nastro, North South Books, 2016.

Some nights you just can’t sleep. Even when you are in your own home and it’s time for bed. This is Bear’s situation in The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep. While his whole family is a sleeping for the winter, Bear can’t seem to get to sleep.

The bear cub explores the snowy forest, but all of his friends are sleeping. He keeps exploring, and discovers the big city – New York. The city is filled with all of kinds of excitement. After all, it is the city that never sleeps.

Eventually, Bear gets sleepy.

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Book Review: Bedtime for Batman

Bedtime for Batman cover

Bedtime for Batman, Michael Dahl, Capstone Young Readers, 2016.

In our house, when the sky turns dark, there is a little super hero who needs to prepare for the greatest adventure of the day . . . . bedtime! We have an arsenal of books we read to Baby J at bedtime, many of which are bedtime themed books.

In this bedtime story book, the super hero too has to prepare for bedtime. The little boy gears up in his pajama uniform, hurries upstairs to clean up the nightly filth, and he keeps watch from his perch on his bunk bed. Each couple of pages mirrors what the boy is doing to prepare for bedtime and what Batman is doing to prepare for his nightly patrol of Gotham.

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