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Book Review: No Room for Baby

No Room for Baby!, Émile Jadoul, Kids Can Press, 2017.

Leon is a toddler penguin who is not too sure about having a new baby brother. As long as the infant Marcel is in his crib, Leon is okay with him. But once the baby cries, and mom and dad’s attention are taken away, Leon begins describing all the ways in which there is no room for a baby.

The Penguin family lives in a spacious igloo with all the trappings of a human home that would be familiar to a toddler. This familiarity along with the cartoon style illustrations, make it appealing to the listening toddler.

Despite Leon’s hesitantly about Marcel living in his home, Leon does find one place that is big enough for the baby. Leon’s arms are just the right side.

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Giveaway: Baby, Baby!

babybaby-300x300Baby, Baby! is a sweet, colorful board book filled with babies. Babies are increasing interested in looking at other babies. This book arrived at our house just as Toddler J began saying “baby” when talking about her baby doll or when she sees a baby.

This book was perfect for her.

The short rhyming poem illustrates different things that a baby can do. Wiggle, giggle, wave, etc. A couple of times when we read the book, I’ll ask Toddler J if she can do the same things. We have fun with it.

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Book Review: We Just Had a Baby

We Just Had a Baby_coverWe Just Had a Baby, Stephen Kresnky, Capstone Young Readers, 2016.

When a newborn baby comes home, it’s an adjustment for everyone. For Mom, Dad, the pet, and especially the older sibling. It has been found to be helpful to read books about new babies to young children before the baby arrives. It helps give them the language to help talk about the new baby.

When these changes take place, it can be difficult for the older sibling, especially if she or he is a toddler, to express the emotions around having a younger sibling. What makes We Just Had a Baby different from other books similar to it, is that the book is told from the perspective of a toddler. The language is appropriate for children ages two to five, and is clever and funny in its depiction of a toddler’s point of view.

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Face Planting

Baby J has hit a milestone. She now sits up with very little help, or without her arms extended out for balance. And she is quite proud of herself.

Baby J sit up

Every once and awhile though, she’ll get super excited about this newfound ability and falls face first.

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Your Little Hands

when i hold your little hands in mine

i can’t help but wonder what your hands will hold

will your hands give food to the hungry?

will they raise up in protest of discrimination and racism?

will they hold a book into the wee hours of the morning?

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