Rev. Peter Vu

Rev. Peter G. Vu has been a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan for twenty years. Born in Saigon City (currently Ho Chi Minh City), Viet Nam, he was a young boy when the Viet Nam war ended. “I witnessed the War,” he says, “and the end of it with great horror and deep appreciation for peace.”

What helped him growing up under an oppressive government, experiencing hardships was his faith and prayers. This developed into a love for prayers and meditations, some he learned from his Buddhist friends. After coming to the United States, finishing high school, college, and seminary, Peter discerned a call to ministry. Since then he has been in ministry at six different churches over the last twenty years. As someone trained in Clinical Pastoral Care, he has served as a chaplain in hospitals and at a home for veterans.

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