Read Isaiah 35:3-7.

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During this Advent, the images and sadness of Hurricane Sandy keep coming to mind.  I can see all the victims standing outside their destroyed homes wondering what will Christmas really hold this year?  As they look out on the land they call home, it probably appears pretty desolate.

Praise God there are signs of the kingdom all around.  There are glimpses of people reaching out in love and hope to tell of God’s goodness.  In disaster relief it is important to remember that there is more work to be done.  Although the initial storm has passed, there are many other storms that threaten the livelihood of the people: access to food and clean water, money to rebuild, schools where children can learn and transportation to get to work.  The problems are complex and require us to keep them in mind.

Today, remember the promise of God to sustain you and bring renewal to all the earth.  Although the landscape looks desolate, God promises to bring new life.


Creator God, help us to be strong and not fear the days ahead.  When I am weak, help me to claim the promise of new life in each day.  Continue to give me signs of your reign that I may live in abundance.  Amen.