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Scandal“Is he hurting you . . . . on the inside?” -Huck to Olivia

Last week the fifth season of Scandal got under way. After a crazy fourth season of going toe-to-toe with Papa Pope, Olivia is settling in nicely between the White House sheets next to President Fitzgerald Grant. Mellie is the new junior senator from Virginia, Cyrus is unemployed, and Huck is lying on Olivia’s couch.

The fix-of-the-episode centers around the tragic death of Princess Emily of the English-speaking country Caledonia after a state dinner at the White House (that Mellie was not invited to).  The whole thing feels a lot like the death of Princess Di. The Queen, the Prince’s mother, even resembles Queen Elizabeth. Olivia is hired to do what she does best: make the problems go away.

As Olivia seeks the truth in the Princess’ death, she discovers that there has been trouble in paradise. The Prince and the Princess have not been spending a lot of time together, which was just enough to spark a relationship between Emily and her bodyguard. Sound familiar?

Prince Richard becomes the number one suspect in Emily’s death. Liv takes it to Fitz, who refuses to do anything about it because he wants a naval base in Caledonia. Liv takes her information to her client, the Queen, where Olivia learns the dark truth of about Emily’s killer.

During the state dinner, Abby and Liv are talking in the restroom about how nice it would be to live the princess’ life, Emily overhears them. She tells them, “To most of the world, I’m not a real person anymore. To them, I’m not human. I’m just a spectacle. I don’t think they’d say half the things they say if they knew they were hurting an actual person.”

And there, friends, we have the sum of the whole story. In the brilliance that is Scandal, this one statement becomes the symbolism for the rest of the episode. The writer of Proverbs says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword,” (12:18a, NIV). The epistle writer James calls for the taming of the tongue (see James 3).

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