“I’ve Committed a Sin”

This episode was not for the those with a weak stomach. Huck has laid out the tools of his old trade: torture. Huck has Quinn duck taped on the floor, and begins to talk her through his torture process. He wants to know what Quinn has been up to. Quinn begs to be released: “I’ll be good.” Huck begins to pull one of Quinn’s teeth, when his phone rings.

It is Olivia.

Olivia: “She’s alive. My mother.”

Huck: “Stop talking. Get to the safe  house.”

KERRY WASHINGTONThe team gathers with Olivia and her mom in the safe house. Maya tells them that when she found out who her husband really is, she decided to leave. Her plan was to fly to London to tell a reporter. But, Rowan found out and put her in a prison. She was prisoner, she said, until she escaped. Jake and Huck know that no one really escapes from Rowan.  Jake cuts into Maya’s neck, finds the tracking device. They make it out of the safe house just before Charlie and other B6-13 guys come in.

It becomes B6-13 vs. Pope and Associates. Huck and Jake are using everything they know about what B6-13 will be doing to track them down to avoid being found. B6-13 trash the office looking for information about where Olivia and Maya are. Olivia wants a new passport made for her mother, so that they can put her on a flight to Hong Kong.

The next morning, after staying up all night, Olivia brings breakfast in for her mother. Maya asks that she sit and eat with her. It is a strange moment sitting with your mother whom you thought was dead for 22 years. Olivia is not exactly gushing with personal information about herself. Harrison says she is handling it, but is she?

Maya: “I was hoping you would have more of me and less of your father.”

Olivia: “I’m not anything like him.”

Olivia continues to have flashbacks, or memories, of the day she lost her mother. She remembers that her mother was talking on the phone the day she was leaving. Olivia makes the connection that it was the reporter in London. This motivates Olivia to find the reporter so her mother can stop running. Maya discourages the idea: “As long as your father is alive, I have to keep running.”

Olivia makes arrangements for a safe house in Hong Kong. But, Rowan has put Maya on the FBI most wanted list, which means she can’t fly out of the country. Abby tries to get David to take Maya’s name off the no fly list. David looks into it for her, but learns that if they took her name off the list, it would only cause more red flags.


Liv calls Fitz, not to ask him to help, but because there is nothing else to do.  She explains what the situation is with Maya and explains that he cannot help. Fitz, however, steps up and tells her that he is taking care of it. “Consider it handled,” he says and then calls a General at the Pentagon.

Fitz comes through and Olivia puts Maya on a military plane.

Abby: “This is not a good-bye. This is your mother. Go hug her . . .”

Olivia runs to Maya and hugs her. Then, Olivia remembers something else. That day after her mom leaves, the phone rings and the voice on the other side says, “I’m looking for Marie, is she there?” Olivia’s mother’s name is Maya, not Marie. Liv quickly calls Huck to see if there is Marie on the flight that her mother was on. They learn that Maya’s secret identity was Marie Wallace.

Olivia: “My father was trying to protect me.  He’s not the monster. She is.”

Huck: “Then we have a problem.”

Huck knows that Liv is slower. She is not herself.  Jake goes to Fitz and tells him that Maya is alive. “We need to take out Rowan,” Jake tells Fitz. The two men who love the same woman (Olivia) get in a disagreement. Jake accuses Fitz of only caring about himself since Remington. Fitz has been free, while Jake has been under control of B6-13. Fitz tells Jake that Olivia doesn’t need a hero. Jake ends up leading a team to capture Rowan, but it turns out to be a trap.

Huck finally gets to go back to Quinn’s apartment, who is still duct taped on the floor. Quinn has been trying to knock over a glass to use to cut the tape. Huck pulls another tooth as punishment. These scenes with Huck torturing Quinn are truly creepy. He has to leave again with her still duct taped. After Rowan tells Charlie he is ready to active Quinn, Charlie goes to her place and finds her all duct taped.

Katie Lowes gives another commanding and convincing performance in this episode. Her Quinn keeps everyone guessing as to which team she is on. She is Team Olivia or Team Rowan. Did she make a deal with Huck? It kind of looks like it. Has she been recruited to kill Rowan?

Leo is confident that VP Sally Langston can win the election. However, he wants her to come out as pro-choice and he wants that commitment from her before she signs the candidate form. Sally struggles with this request at first. She does not want to abandon Jesus for politics. Leo does not give up, telling her that she can win if she goes pro-choice. Sally gives in, and signs the form.

While Sally is planning her campaign, Cyrus can’t sleep. He is awake thinking about the pictures he received – the ones he had arranged to take – with Sally’s husband Daniel and his husband James. James is still up writing the article about Daniel being the VP’s husband. It seems that Cyrus’ plan may have backfired on him. In fact, when Mellie asks him about the photos, Cyrus tells him that its on hold. This raises a flag for Mellie.

When Sally tells Daniel that there will be a press conference announcing her campaign, Daniel gets nervous. When James tells Cyrus that Daniel is coming by the house while Cyrus is at a donor’s dinner, Cyrus gets nervous. James bumps into Daniel in the hallway at the White House and Daniel requests to read the copy a head of time. He wants to make sure James does not mention that he is gay in the article. As he says to James, “I’m not gay. Please do not embrass me and my family.”




Fitz is not thrilled when Sally tells him that she is running for President. He tells her that it is a mistake to cross him. She tells him, “See you on the battlefield.” Meanwhile, Cyrus rushes home to check in on James and Daniel. But Daniel is not there. James, instead, is sitting in bed writing. The tension is so thick that finally it explodes. Cyrus breaks down like never before, letting the secret out that he knows James had sex with Daniel. James fires back that he thought that’s what Cyrus wanted. Cyrus cries that he trusted James wouldn’t. Finally, James tells Cyrus that he has ruined them and asks for a divorce. James’ threats of ending the relationship is stopped short when Cyrus tells him he has photos.

Cyrus’ fight with James has to be cut short when the President calls him in. Now Cyrus has another man angry at him. Fitz is upset because Cyrus was suppose to keep Sally in line. Fitz storms out of the Oval, leaving Cyrus and Mellie in there together. When Mellie asks Cyrus what happened between him and James, Cyrus breaks down and cries, showing just a bit of humanity that we might have forgotten was there. Mellie leaves to give Cy a moment, but stops and says to him, “It hurst until it doesn’t. You think it will break you, but it won’t.” And then reminds him of their task at hand, “Sally is a weed in our garden. See it through.”

Cyrus, after being yelled at by the President and motivated by the First Lady,  goes to see Sally. He shows her the pictures of Daniel and James. Sally tells Cyrus that it is an empty threat, he is not going to share the pictures. It seems that Cyrus has met his match. Cyrus leaves and calls James to beg for forgiveness.


tumblr_mxejb1AFWB1s03u14o9_r1_250Sally calls Cyrus: “I’ve committed a sin.” The camera pans out, and we see Daniel lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Aside from whatever is going with Sally, the Pope family plot is heating up and getting crazier. After seeing the acting chops of Daddy Pope, this week we get to see the brilliance of Mama Pope.