An Ethical Roller Coaster

Last week’s episode concluded with Rowan walking into Omar’s cell, revealing to us that Omar is really Olivia’s mom, Maya. This week’s episode picks up right there. Rowan walks into the cell and declares, “Our daughter has been asking about you.”

Rowan, however, cannot let this happen. He has made plans to move her to another, more secure, location. Maya asks for one thing “before you throw me out with the trash.” She wants to see Olivia. Rowan refuses. That evening, Maya chews at her wrist in an attempt to bleed herself out. The next morning, Rowan comes to get his wife, only to find her in a hospital bed with IVs hooked up to her. Rowan asks if she is mentally up to being transported. “She ate her own wrist, sir,” the doctor responds. “Whatever demon she is wrestling within is still there.”

The-Pope-being-cuteRowan doesn’t take her right away. He gives it another day. In the meantime, he pulls out some old clippings of Olivia from newspapers and magazines throughout her adolescence and adulthood. He takes these to Maya to share with her. It is a very compassionate moment, one we are not used to seeing from Rowan. Two laugh together and truly enjoy each other’s company. Until Maya starts asking questions.

The security guard that Quinn killed is the last person who saw “Omar” alive. The Gladiators want to know who killed him and what the connection might be. Huck works on finding security cameras from nearby areas that might show something.  Quinn, in an attempt to cover her tracks, goes to the building across the street from where she committed murder the night before, to retrieve their video footage. As she leaves, she runs into Jake, telling him she was getting a head start on the process. Olivia, however, will have Quinn move off of the surveillance video and has Huck start working on it. Charlie makes it clear to Quinn that she is now working for B6-13.

Scandal-Season-3-Cast-Promotional-Photos-scandal-abc-35532594-397-595It is not long before Huck uncovers the image of a woman walking into the building just before the guard is killed. But, there is no image of the woman coming out. When Huck thinks he can possibly get an image through the reflection in the glass doors, Quinn offers to help him. Huck does not need her help, but does apologize for not telling her that she has been doing a good job. Quinn feels bad, which Katie Lowe presents well. Lowe as Quinn is proving to be perfect casting. Huck reports that he is not able to get a close-up.

Cyrus comes home to James and tells him that he gave James’ name to a newspaper who is looking for a reporter to do a fluff piece on the Vice President’s husband. James is thrilled that Cyrus would do this for him. But, we the viewers know that Cyrus has a few other things up his sleeve. After Cyrus tells Mellie that James is all set to do the interview, she tells Daniel that Cyrus and James have an open relationship.

The meeting with Daniel is not as successful as James and Cyrus had hoped. For James, Daniel only wanted to talk about football. For Cyrus, Daniel didn’t flirt with James once. Cyrus gives James some suggestions, including not wearing a suit but coming more causal. He also recommends that James conducts the interview at the VP’s house instead of the office. When Cyrus tells Mellie about the new plan, Mellie is considered about Cyrus and James’ relationship and what this will do to their marriage.

James is doing his interview thing and seems to be interested in Daniel’s stuff. Daniel makes a move on James, grabbing his face and kissing him. James pushes away, not knowing what is going on. But he is quick to figure out that Cyrus set the whole thing up.

Olivia is called to Josie Marcus’ house after someone has broken into it. A laptop was stolen. Josie’s daughter/sister Candice wants the team to publicly blame Reston for the breaking. Olivia cautions and tells her that they want the police to be the ones who point the finger at Reston. Abby goes to David Rosen to ask for help to find whoever it is that stole what may be campaign files.

Despite Olivia’s warnings, Candice makes a press statement about the stolen laptop, implying that Reston had something to do with it. Olivia sends Harrison to take care of it. Olivia is proven right when the laptop is found at the Reston headquarters and David makes a statement. The press is giving the Marcus campaign free publicity.


As David and Abby wake up together, David’s phone rings. It is his office telling him that the only thing on the laptop was a few speeches and donor’s list. Nothing good. Also, the laptop was cleaned the day before. Abby calls Harrison and tells her that the sister had something to do with this. Harrison wakes up to answer his phone next to Candice.

Olivia calls Josie and Candice into her office. Liv tells Josie that she needs to fire Candice before the justice department makes the connection. Josie says that she will take care of it and she schedules a press conference where she admits that she set up the Reston campaign with the stolen laptop and withdraws from the running for President.

The President does not give up on Olivia, despite his affection towards Mellie last week. He continues to call her, even when Olivia continues not to answer. She finally does and tells him to stop calling. At one point she slams the phone down, grabs a book end and starts smashing it before throwing it in the trash. Jake sees Liv’s reaction, and tells her, “You think that’s going to take care of it? If the President wants to talk to you, he will.”

3.8 memeThe Secret Service shows up at Olivia’s door, “There is a helicopter waiting for you.” She refuses to go until they show her pictures of her and Rowan together. Fitz just wants an hour. They fly her to a quiet cabin in Vermont, where Fitz tells her that he had that house built for her . . . . for them. How quickly he moves from Mellie to Olivia. He also wants to talk about Liv’s dad, but Olivia tells him that her father is not up for discussion.  . . .ever. After some yelling, kissing, and love-making, Olivia flys back to Washington. When she gets back to her office, Jake confidently tells her, “I told you he’d find away.”

Mellie cannot reach Fitz in New Hampshire where everyone thinks he is. It doesn’t take her long to figure out that he is with Olivia. It doesn’t stop Mellie from trying to convince Fitz that Olivia is needed to run the campaign, especially now that Josie is no longer running. It is clear that Mellie is struggling with her emotions on the whole thing, heavily impacted for us by the flashback events of the last episode.

Mellie and Fitz are the only couple who have some things to work through. Cyrus is pacing waiting for James to get home. When he finally does, he tells Cy that he’s going to jump into the shower first. Someone sends Cyrus pictures of James and Daniel, which breaks Cyrus’ cold, hard heart.

The doctor assigned to care for Olivia’s mom is giving her something that will put her to sleep, making it easier to transport her. When Rowan shows up to take her, Maya is gone. The shrine is in the doctor’s neck. Quinn comes home and there is a picture of her from the surveillance video in her place. Huck is there sitting in the dark waiting for her. “Who are you working for?”

Olivia is walking down the street. Her mother shows up in the shadows and Olivia can’t even handle it.

With each episode in this season, the show is stepping up its game. The episodes are getting better and the twists and turns are getting crazier.  It also keeps us on the ethical roller coaster, not sure what the expect next.