Ponderings - Scandal Season 2 recapsThe title of this episode could describe how the characters feel as everything starts to unravel after the shooting of the President. Or it could describe how we the audience felt as the episode concluded. Holy Wow, Olivia Pope!

Sally Langston has wasted no time in claiming the Oval Office. She opens the episode by making a statement regarding President Grant’s health and the manhunt for his shooter. Harrison calls Olivia at the White House and tells her she has got to get back to the office. Olivia tells him he can’t because she’s in the middle of a whole bunch of post-President-has-been-shot stuff. Harrison insists that she comes “now!” Olivia puts the phone down and tells her staff at the White House she will be gone for an hour.

Harrison calls because he was awaken by Huck (remember him in the red hoodie at the end of the last episode). Huck tells Harrison that the guy everyone is looking for . . .is him.

Olivia gets Huck to retrace everything that has happened in the last 24 hours. While Quinn was talking to Huck about Verna’s private jet, Huck received a call from Becky. Not wanting to get caught up in Quinn’s pity party, Huck took the call. Becky was crying and needed Huck right away. She gave him her hotel number. Huck, dressed in a red hoodie, find the hotel room door open. An impressive gun is set up, and within seconds of his arrival in the room, the gun goes off, shooting the President.

When asked what he did, he told Olivia he did what he was trained to do, he cleaned it up. There was one casing he could not find. Olivia asks him what he did with the gun, and Huck presents it by setting the case on the table. The gun was under some remote control, which Huck explained you could get at any toy store.

Huck is being set up by Becky, the girl who claimed she loved him. But Huck doesn’t want to see it. Olivia leaves strict instructions that Huck stays in the building.

Cyrus has kicked out of his office by Sally and is now eating fruit at home yelling at his secretary. The phone rings and it is James’ mother. Cyrus tells her that James probably will not be coming for a visit anytime soon since he was just there. James’ mother tells Cyrus that he did not come visit them. Cyrus apologizes, saying that he is mistaken, but a red flag goes up. When James comes home for lunch, Cyrus checks his phone while he is out of the room, and sees a phone number that has been called for than once.

Cyrus Blown AwayCyrus does what Cyrus does and hires a PI to look into it, because he is worried that James is seeing someone else. Cyrus does not want to grow old alone. When he tells Olivia, Olivia assures him that he won’t grow old alone, “I’m here,” she tells him. The scene where Cyrus shows up at Olivia’s with a bottle of wine and they sit and watch the news together is a great scene! It shows the deep friendship and almost mentoring relationship that these two have, even if and when they disagree with one another. Remember, Cyrus found Olivia and brought her on the campaign to help them win.

The PI Cyrus hires is Charlie, the former spy who worked with Huck. He finds out that James is not having an affair, but has been talking with David Rosen. Charlie goes on to tell Cyrus that James recently went to Defiance, Ohio. When Cyrus hears that, he knows what James is up to. He is following a story and Cyrus needs to kill it. He tells Charlie, much to Charlie’s confusion, to keep an eye on James. That evening Cyrus plans a romantic dinner, candlelight and all. He tells James that he pulled a few strings and that there is a baby girl at the hospital that can be their daughter if he wants to. Part of it, of course, is that James will need to quit his job and stay home with the baby. James agrees.

Charlie reports back to Cyrus that all James is doing is going to baby stores. Justified, Cyrus calls Charlie off, for now. James is a baby stores, but had David Rosen meet him there. He tells David that there is more to the story, that Cyrus is on to him, otherwise why would Cyrus agree to adopting a baby, and gives David the smoking gun: the memory card.

Quinn is being a bit of a pill in this episode. She knows that Huck had something to do with bringing her to DC. And she doesn’t let up, even when Huck is the only suspect in the President’s shooting.

Even though the President has not died, Sally has Olivia and others start making plans for his funeral. It is very odd and strange. Olivia feels like she has really lost him. Cyrus reminds her that he loved her deeply, and not to “give up on him.” After that conversation, Olivia returns to her old self and starts leading again.

Some of the most intense and amazing scenes were between Sally (Kate Burton) and Verna (Debra Mooney). Both characters are strong-willed and determined. They are opposites in every way, except when it comes to bending the rules a little bit to get what they want. Hollis Doyle paid Sally a visit and told her. He left her some information on Verna. Sally shows up at Verna’s hospital room demanding that she resign from the bench and threatening that if she does not she will reveal to the press about her condition.

Verna 2 PillsLater, Verna shows up in the Oval Office, makes an amazing Matrix reference, and tells Sally she has two options or pills to choose. She can give Sally her letter of resignation (the pill that will make her smaller) or the name of the man in the red hoodie (the pill that will make her larger). The scenes with these two are the kinds of things that Scandal is known for. Great writing coupled with amazing acting.

The name Verna gives Sally is Huck’s. Huck left the office for a while to find Becky. He discovered the truth, which he was not okay with. He convinces Becky to meet him at their place, where Huck sits in his car and watches another family. Huck calls Harrison and tells Harrison to wait ten minutes after Becky leaves her place to plant the gun in her apartment. Huck waits for Becky, but she doesn’t show up. He calls and the number has been disconnected.

Huck has a suspicion that more is going on here. He checks out the house and finds that the whole family, including the dog, has been killed. He knows right away that it is Becky. He isn’t able to handle it, and the rest of the group isn’t able to handle Huck. They need Olivia. Quinn can’t handle it, and decides to leave.

As Quinn leaves the office, FBI agents show up and arrest Huck under the Patriot Act. Sally is proving she is in charge.

Yeah, we’re blown away.