Ponderings - Scandal Season 2 recapsEvery episode is another “wow” episode. It keeps us on our toes, wondering what will happen next and trying to figure out who is who in this crazy, scandalous, web that is Washington D. C.

The President makes an official statement that CIA Director Osbourne was the mole. But things start to change when Osbourne’s wife shows up at Pope and Associates. She claims that it was not suicide, but murder. Her clue? The note he left was written to “Susan,” he hasn’t called her that in 30 years. Olivia takes the case.

While the President is making that statement, Jake Ballard breaks into Olivia’s place. He removes all of his spy equipment. Minutes later, Huck and Quinn walk in to make sure the place is clean. Every third Wednesday is sweep day. After they leave, Jake comes back in and places it all back.

The more they dig into things and re-dig, they realize that Osbourne was not the mole. Which means Molly and David are still in danger. Abby rushes over to David’s apartment and tells him he has to return to the office. This leads David to see that Abby still has feelings for him, but he is still feeling the burning of her taking the flash drive (which she still tells him she didn’t, but we know she did.)


They learn that Molly was a set up. The real mole set Molly in to lie to Olivia about Osbourne being the guy. They believed her. David uses contacts he has with Homeland security to put her on the no fly list. They find it at an airport and question her. She clearly has had the fear of God placed in her. She didn’t do it for the money, she says, but for her life.

From her apartment, Olivia calls Cyrus, who is in a hotel room to tell him that Osbourne was not the mole. Cyrus doesn’t want anything to do with it because the President has made it official that Osbourne was. Olivia tells him that she can’t let it go. If Olivia is making the call from her apartment, that means that Jake Ballard is on the other side watching. Sure enough, he is. And he meets with the mystery man in the park again. Olivia knows, he tells the man. The mystery man tells Jake, “I trust you’ll take care of it.”

What?!? Who is this guy?

As a side note, this episode really showed the unique friendship that Olivia and Cyrus have. They call each other often, sometimes just a quick sentence or two. But they care deeply for one another.

Cyrus pleads with Fitz and Mellie to play nice and do an interview together. Fitz says they have had lots of practice at pretending they love each other. The story they tell in the interview of how they met gets a lot of replay. Fitz recalls with Mellie how they really met. His dad happened to come to Boston for business and an old friend happen to bring his young, clerk with him. It wasn’t a blind date, Fitz realizes, it was a merger. Fitz is caught up in this life of lies, doesn’t want to be, but can’t see to figure out how to get out of it.

While Mellie thinks that Cyrus and James have the perfect relationship, Fitz knows (we don’t know how) that Cyrus has been staying at a hotel. He offers Cyrus advice, “Don’t give up on him, if you love him.” Cyrus will move back in, despite James’ protests. Cyrus tells James that he has done some pretty crappy stuff too, and despite the horrible stuff we do, we love each other.

Jake keeps trying to take Olivia out for dinner, but Olivia keeps telling him she has to work. While watching the interview with the President and the First Lady, Olivia can’t handle it. She shows up at Jake’s place with burgers. While she’s not looking, he slips her phone out of her purse and turns it off. He distracts her from her phone by kissing her, and they eventually end up in bed together.

The next morning, Olivia gets up to get a glass of water. She picks up a remote and attempts to turn the television in the kitchen on. We know what a news junkie Olivia is. Instead, the remote reveals the hidden tv screens that are leaked to the cameras in Olivia’s apartment. She freaks out, and while Jake tries to calm her down, she falls, and there is bleeding.

GladiatorsinHelmets_zpsf9827eedHarrison gets a phone call, and we think it is someone calling to tell him about Olivia, but it the ME’s office calling about Molly. The number called most often in her cell phone was Harrison’s. She was killed by a hit and run. The Gladiators don’t believe it. The mole is kicking butt and not worrying about names.

Huck and Quinn tracked the mole making a purchase of a storage unit. They go to look into it. Huck makes Quinn wait in the car and keep watch. While Huck checks the storage out, which just has an empty box in it, someone comes up behind him, knocks him in the head, and shoves him into the box. An hour later, Quinn knows something is wrong. It takes a while, but Quinn finally figures out that someone moved one of the security cameras. She goes through each locker on the floor that Huck was on, until she finds Huck. Huck ends up sitting in the corner of his office shaking. David observes that this is worse than when he was water-boarded.

The President seems to randomly call Cyrus one evening. Randomly because Cyrus isn’t expecting it. “I killed Verna Thornton,” the President says. Cyrus is speechless. The President’s confession shows that he is as dirty as Cyrus. The President then asks if she – Olivia – would forgive him.

Quinn reviews the security footage from the storage locker with the other Gladiators. They find a guy in a baseball cap. Quinn is certain that is the guy who stuffed Huck in the box. Baseball cap, Harrison reasons, works for Albatros, the mole.

We next see Baseball cap as Charlie, the B16 spy, making a phone call to . . . Cyrus. Is Cyrus Albatros? Is he the mole? But why??

Olivia is in the hospital. When she wakes up, Jake is there telling her what the story is, and to please stick to it. Seriously, who is this guy? Then the President comes in, thanking Jake for calling him, and sits next to Olivia. As Fitz leans to give Olivia a hug, Jake is outside looking through the glass in the door. As he put it together why Fitz was having him watch Olivia?

Olivia looks lost and uncertain. She is clearly uncomfortable, and not strong. Olivia Pope is always strong. But here, in the hospital bed, with two men she has slept with in arm’s length, she is uncertain, scared, and weak.