scandal-season-2-the-jasmine-brandOlivia is late meeting Jake Ballard. She tells him she’s never late for a meeting. He corrects her that this is a date. And their relationship misunderstanding begins. Jake isn’t fond of the restaurant Olivia chose, so he grabs the two wine glasses and the bottle of wine off the table. They end up at the Jefferson Memorial instead.

Olivia comes out and asks him who is Albatross. Jake is taken aback a little bit. But, promises her one minute to talk business before getting back to the date. Jake tells her that there is a mole within the government. No one has seen the mole or knows him by name, they just refer to him as Albatross. Olivia’s ringing phone disturbs the meeting/date.

Olivia is needed at the office. David Rosen is convinced he is being followed. Huck mentions that if the owner of the data that Wendy stole on her flash drive knows that David has it, he is at danger of being killed. Olivia puts Huck on surveillance to watch over David.

While Olivia rushes to the office, Jake has been called somewhere as well. We next see him entering the Oval Office. It turns out that Jake and Fitz are old buddies. It also turns out that Fitz has ordered Jake to keep an eye on Olivia. Fitz warns Jake about Olivia: “Olivia Pope isn’t who she seems.”

Senator Peter Caldwell hires Pope and Associates to help his brother, Will, who is running for Governor in North Carolina. The problem is that Will is gay, at least according to his brother. Olivia agrees that he either needs to come out or he needs a wife. “I can elect a gay governor,” Olivia tells him. Will says he is not gay, and so chooses to have Olivia find him a wife.

The Gladiators look over the country to find a woman who could be a political wife. They find someone, however, as she leaves the office, Abby runs out to talk to her. Abby was once a political wife, and it did not fair well for her. She cautions the woman to make sure she knows what she is getting herself into. By morning, the woman bails. They need to find a new wife.

They find her in a first-grade school teacher. She attends the gala that evening with Will, where the President is the keynote speaker. As the President is moving across the room after his speech, he is keeping an eye on Olivia, who happens to be on the phone with Jake Ballard. Fitz notices the smile on her face. She looks happy.

But the conversation with Jake is cut short as Harrison calls in. They believe that the first woman leaked what they were doing to DC Dish, a simple newspaper. Harrison makes a deal with them that he will provide pictures, etc from Will Caldwell’s wedding if they do not run the story. The source, it turns out, came from within the family.


It doesn’t take Olivia long to figure out who it is. She puts the pieces together and leaves the gala to find Will outside in the gardens with Peter’s wife. They are kissing. They have been having for a number of years. It turns out that Peter knew the whole time. But chose not to say anything or let anyone know that he knew, in order to help his brother win the Governorship. This is what she tells Will:

You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies and you’re calling it love. And in the meantime you’re letting your whole life pass you by while they raise children and celebrate anniversaries and grow old together. You’re frozen in time, you’re holding your breath, and you’re a statue, waiting for something that’s never going to happen. Living for stolen moments in hotel hallways and coat closets. You keep telling yourself they all add up to something real, because in your mind, they have to; but they don’t. They won’t. They never will because stolen moments aren’t a life. So you, have nothing. You have no one. End it now.

Olivia is really talking about her and Fitz. She is talking from her own experiences. Perhaps because she knows how painful it is, she tries to teach others not to make the mistakes she has made.

David and Abby get back together, sneaking off to have sex.

A hostage video is released, where they kill one of the hostages. The need to find the mole is increasing. Cyrus has been shut out completely by the President. Mellie is taking his ideas to the President as if they were her own. Cyrus soon figures it out. Olivia tells him to let Mellie be, because when it comes to Fitz, she will hang herself.

But Cyrus sees an opportunity and goes with it. Mellie makes a suggestion that she talk with the hostage’s families and let them know what the Administration is doing. Cyrus affirms the idea (“What would the White House be without you.”) and goes to the Press room to tell a reporter that Mellie is making a conference call at 8am, and she should be on that call. The story goes out the next evening, and Fitz is not happy with Mellie for doing such a thing. She knows, however, that Cyrus had something to do with it.

Does this mean Cyrus is back in?

In the meantime, Huck has not been showering. As he sits out in the car watching David Rosen, it begins to rain and he starts to have flashbacks to water boarding. The flash backs include fear of the shower. But it doesn’t keep Huck from working. He is able to decrypt the files on Wendy’s flash drive. There is a file with the names of the American citizens who are being held hostage. It is the file that was leaked to the terrorists. The file belonged to the mole. Huck has also found surveillance video from Wendy’s neighbor. They found footage of a man who might be the mole. They ask Wendy’s friend, who was following David, if she can identify the man.

Instead, she points to the man on the television as the mole. It is CIA Director Osbourne.