Ponderings - Scandal Season 2 recapsIn the last episode, “Truth of Consequences,” Cyrus called Charlie to take care of Hollis Doyle. As Hollis’ elevator is about to close and rise, Charlie gets on it. But, as this episode opens, Huck gets on the elevator too. Hollis recognizes Huck but he can’t place him. Finally Charlie and Huck draw their guns on each other. Huck tells Hollis that Charlie is there to kill him. Huck is going to let Charlie go, and if he tries to kill Hollis again, Huck will be there to protect him. But if Hollis decides to go against Olivia, Huck will not be there to stop Charlie.

After Fitz and Mellie have pictures taken with the new baby, Fitz is still talking about divorce. “Do. Not. Push. Me.” he tells Mellie. Fitz knows that Mellie had herself induced as a manipulation tool to keep Fitz around. And he ain’t happy about it.

Olivia calls Cyrus out on trying to have Hollis killed. Cyrus swears there won’t be a next time.

The Gladiators are trying to figure out if Hollis didn’t have Becky paid to kill the President, than who did? As the Gladiators bounce ideas off of one another and start to make pieces of this puzzle connect, Olivia figures it out.

It was Verna Thornton! The Supreme Court justice is the one who hired Becky to kill the President, mostly to protect herself and to hold on to the power she held. After Olivia leaves, Verna makes a phone call to David Rossen. When David shows up at the hospital to see her, the guards won’t let him through. Why? The President comes around the corner.

It turns out that she called the President too. Here is where things getting really good, and why this is one of the better episodes so far. The President comes out of the room calling for help because Verna is crashing. And she dies.

It is not until the end of the episode, after, James has to testify before a grand jury about Defiance; Cyrus may or may not have sent Charlie to kill James; the Gladiators listen to hours worth of Bobblehead recordings to find out what David knows; Abby finds out that David loves her and that Olivia had broken them up; Abby steals the Cytron memory card from David’s safe; Mellie doesn’t really like babies; Cyrus wanted to be President but knows he can only be the guy behind the President; Quinn tries to hire Huck to kill Hollis Doyle; James does testify but does not tell the truth, making David look like he has made the whole thing up.

It is only then, after all this happens, as Fitz is giving the eulogy at Verna’s funeral, that we learn that Verna had called the President. She confessed to him that she hired Becky to kill him and she comes clean about Defiance. When Fitz finds out that Olivia had something to do with it, he is visibly upset. Mellie and Cyrus being involved did not surprise him, but Olivia, I guess he thought more of her.

Prior to the funeral, Edison comes over to Olivia’s to see if she needs a ride to the funeral. Olivia gives him the ring back – again. She tells him she wishes she could be normal. While the normal life sounds nice and seems promising, its not what she wants. Edison’s reply is simple: “Love is not supposed to be painful.”

In the hospital, Fitz holds down Verna’s hands, and removes her oxygen mask, which results in her dying. The President killed the Supreme Court justice.

Fitz, whom to this point has been a naive, and innocent bystander, has now gotten his hands dirty. He has fallen as well. The roots of sin run deep. More importantly, sin distorts our image of love.