Ponderings - Scandal Season 2 recapsHollis Doyle is getting more and more comfortable in the Oval Office. While Huck is somewhere in the basement of the Pentagon being water-boarded. David Rosen is present, and questions the torture. “What about his human rights?” The men from the Pentagon tell him that they have this under control.

Verna goes to Olivia and apologizes, confessing that she is one who gave Huck’s name. A meeting is called with Olivia, Verna, Mellie, and Cyrus. Hollis is left out on purpose. Verna called the meeting because she thinks that Hollis is behind the President’s attempted killer. His way of gaining control over the White House. There is a phone that Hollis keeps in a locked drawer. She says she overheard him talking to someone named Becky on it.

Harrison distracts an employee of Hollis’ by flirting with her at a bar. Abby takes her access card, gets into Hollis’ office and picks the locked drawer. The phone in there has only called one number. She writes the number down. Olivia tells them to sit on it for now.

Olivia finds out from Edison that the President has signed a request for reinstatement. Olivia didn’t know the President was awake. She rushes to the hospital where she meets up with Cyrus. Together they go into his room, where Mellie explains what she did. She forged the President’s signature to stop Hollis Doyle. Cyrus knew about it only after Mellie did it. Mellie refers to Hollis as a snake that they let into their garden.

The image comes from Genesis 3, which is commonly known as “The Fall.” The serpent (snake) slithers through the garden tempting Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They have been instructed not to eat from said tree, but the temptation is too great. They eat the fruit and once they do they become more fully aware of their state of fallenness.

As Verna said in the last episode, there is a lot of karma going around. They were tempted by power and glory, but now they are being made aware of their own fallenness. It also implies that Hollis was the original ring leader.

Sally suspects that the President is not really awake. It takes a bulk of the episode for her to figure it out. She calls Mellie into the Oval Office to tell her that left-handed people and right-handed people cross their “t”s differently. This only matters because Fitz is left-handed and Mellie is right-handed. Not to mention, Sally has a sworn statement from a doctor at Fitz’ hospital that Fitz has not even opened his eyes.

But, before Sally figures it out, Olivia Pope and Associates take the President on as their client of the week. They go into total “fix it” mode to make it look like the President is getting better. Cyrus goes around Capital Hill spreading the good news. Abby “leaks” that Olivia just saw the President and he was in good spirits. Mellie moves back into the residence, and agrees to an interview. A secret service agent tells a reporter a joke that the President said when he woke up. Of course, it is all lies disguised as truths.

Scandal 2.10 - HuckThe torturers say just enough to Huck that make him question is the President is still alive. He says he will talk only to the people behind the glass. Once it is set up, Huck questions if the President is still alive. David Rosen is the only one who will give him an answer – “Yes.” Huck says that the President is still in danger. “She won’t stop until he is dead.” This is enough cause for David to go to Olivia and tell her he knows where Huck is. He also tells her what Huck said. He may know how she does it, but David knows that Olivia gets things done.

Olivia calls for a meeting with Sally and her experts. Olivia and the experts convince Sally that Huck is not the killer. Sally signs an executive order to have Huck released. Once released, Olivia puts a plan in motion that is even unknown to the viewer. She takes orders to have the President moved to Camp David to Mellie to be signed.

Edison comes by the hospital to see the President, but Harrison will not let by. Olivia shows up and explains to Edison that the President is not accepting any visitors. Edison tells her that Sally is whispering that the whole thing is a hoax. He threatens Olivia that as Senate Leader he will bring chargers on her if she had something to do with this. Olivia gets up close to Edison and simply says, “Goodbye.” This relationship has ended!

This is followed by one of the more touching scenes. Olivia goes to Fitz’ room, and lays in bed with him. She just lays there, holding his wounded face.

Scandal 2.10

Meanwhile, Sally and Hollis are not happy about the President being moved to Camp David. They know it is a hoax. Hollis tells Sally, “Somethings got to e done. . . . I’m hanging it, don’t need to worry.” The next scene is Becky receiving a phone call. While we only get her end of the conversation, we can all but guarantee that Hollis is on the other end.

Huck is outside the hospital looking around, as if he knows that Becky is going to show up. And she does. As she sets up her equipment, Huck calls her on her phone. He is behind her. FBI agents show up, and arrest them both. Sally goes on prime-time television to make a statement regarding the suspect in custody. In her statement she quotes the Psalms. The thing about Sally is – as a conservative evangelical who believes that God has called her to this political office, she too has made a “deal with the devil” as Mellie describes Hollis. While Mellie, Verna, Olivia, and Cyrus come to turns with their fallenness, I wonder if Sally will?

Quinn settles down in this episode. When Huck returns, she says, “Welcome, home.” She does go to Olivia towards the end asking why Hollis Doyle is still a free man. She tells Olivia what she has figured out about her story. Olivia invites her to sit down to talk. But Cyrus calls. He has someone who wants to speak with her. It’s Fitz. The President is awake.