scandal-season-2-the-jasmine-brandWho is Quinn Perkins?

Now that the Amanda Tanner storyline has been put to rest, the second season gets off with a new storyline. At the conclusion of season one, U. S. Attorney David Rosen comes to arrest Quinn because he knows who she really is. Olivia seems to know who she is, but seems to be keeping the others in the dark.

David puts a solid case against Quinn for mailing a bomb to her boyfriend, who recently slept with another woman, killing the boyfriend and six co-workers. Somehow Quinn got from California to an apartment in Washington, D. C. When she awoke, there was money, passport, and new IDs. A whole new life was sitting there for her. But how? Who? Quinn had no idea.

Meanwhile, an aid shows up at Olivia Pope and Associates asking for Olivia to come to his boss’ office. Congressman Shaw from Rhode Island found a video recording device attached to a clock on his desk. Huck quickly discerns that it turns itself on whenever someone walks into the room and sent the video to an unknown IP address.

Oliva asks the Congressman directly why he decided to come to her. Turns out, earlier that evening the single Congressman had relations in his office with a single woman. Within days the gladiators find out that the Congressman spends a lot of time with other single D. C. women, and that a video of him having sex in his office was leaked to right wing blog.

In the meantime, the First Lady, Mellie Grant, is pregnant with “America’s Baby.” Fitz has to discern how he will handle a growing conflict in East Sudan. Cyrus is meeting Olivia in the park for five minutes on Mondays to get advice on how to handle certain details. Mellie uses a live interview when the gender of the baby is announced to push Fitz into taking action against East Sudan. The President, she says, will do everything he can to help the mothers and children, connecting those events to her pregnancy.

And in the midst of all of this, Gregg Henry shows up as Texas oil tycoon Hollis Doyle. A new character in the midst of scandal(s)? He is offering advice and suggestions to Cyrus. Mellie walks up and says, “I haven’t seen you since the campaign.” The only clue that Hollis has a history with at least some of our characters. He is only on-screen for a little bit, but long enough for us to get the sense that we shouldn’t like him. Mellie and Cyrus seem agitated by his presence.

0926_quinn_416Quinn fires her lawyer and Olivia for a lawyer who promises a plea deal. Olivia storms into the prison to see Quinn. Olivia is obviously committed to helping Quinn. While we are wondering what’s the deal with that, Quinn is to. She tries to get an answer out of Olivia as to why she is helping her. Olivia just simply answers that Quinn is her client.

Quinn: How did you know I wasn’t Quinn Perkins?

Olivia: I do my homework.

There is something here that Olivia is not telling. Abby and Harrison sense it too. Huck, ever faithful, tells the other two, “Olivia says we trust her, we trust her.” Is Huck just following blindly or does Huck know more than he’s telling?

Cyrus says something to Fitz about being like Abraham Lincoln, and Fitz knows right away that Cy has been talking with Olivia. After the live interview, Fitz sits quietly in the Oval Office, reflective on recent events. After a few moments Fitz picks up the phone and calls Olivia. Olivia tells him to make it look like it was planned, to use Mellie’s statements to scare Sudan and buy himself some time. Fitz takes his plan to Cyrus and tells him this is what we’re going to do. Cyrus knows right away that Fitz talked to Olivia.

Using her own advice, Olivia decides that they will release the sex tape of the Congressman themselves, before the blog airs it and the prime time news outlets pick it up. She tells the Congressman to use this time to talk about the issues that matter to him.

In addition to tasking Huck with getting the Congressman’s sex tape, he has also been working on the surveillance video of when Quinn first came to D. C. He reports to Olivia that there is no footage of Quinn. Olivia then learns that the jury is set to convict.

scandal_kerry_washington_desk_a_lOlivia seems stressed and unsure what the next steps should be. She picks up the phone and calls an unknown person. “We are going to lose this thing,” is all Olivia says.

The next scene is the trail and the defense makes one more attempt to get the case against Quinn dropped. This time the judge agrees. The whole courtroom is in shock. David is pissed. He looks over at Olivia, and can tell from the expression on her face that she very likely had something to do with this. What did Olivia do? Who did Olivia call? What does Olivia know that the rest us don’t?

Well, we didn’t have to wait long, thankfully. In what is becoming a classic Scandal two-year flash back, what happened to Quinn Perkins starts to unfold before us as the present day events unfold as well. We learn that the reason Huck did not “find” anything footage of Quinn on the surveillance tapes he was watching, because he deleted them. He was on those tapes too. The last scene is Huck, two years ago, getting in Olivia’s car telling her, “She took it. Everything we left for her.”

Huck and Olivia know who Quinn Perkins is! Huck and Olivia created Quinn Perkins! What the what!!

It’s clear that one of the major themes of the television show is what to do with secrets. But in this case, Huck and Olivia seem to have a shared secret that runs deep and far. Why would they not tell the others they are involved in Quinn’s identity. What are they hiding?  Looks like theres a whole 21 more episodes to find out.