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United Methodist Bishop Joe Pennel, in his book God, Cornbread and Elvis, tells us that we have stir crazy lives.

Umm. . . . . . yeah, we do.

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We need to practice the ancient Hebrew ritual of Sabbath.  Pennel says we need to rest apart from the things that cause us to have stir crazy lives.  He discusses four qualities that a sabbath should include:

  1. A time for ceasing (stop doing stuff – its okay to say NO)
  2. See the value of resting (make the time to relax)
  3. Embracing (claim the tradition(s) that have come before and to us – “If we do not embrace that which has gone before us, our lives can be rudderless, and we will unknowingly repeat in the present the mistakes of the past” (113).
  4. Feasting (sitting around the table with people you like eating a good meal)

These four qualities can help us find a holy rhythm in our lives.

So, how are you taking Sabbath?

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