There was another school shooting recently, this time in Santa Fe, Texas. I was out-of-town and found out from Megan who texted me the news. Even though we are parents of a toddler, the anxiety that a school shooting creates is not lost on us.

According to a recent Washington Post article, the Santa Fe shooting was not the only one that week. In fact, there has been a large number of school shootings and threats of shootings in 2018. Another article from the Washington Post reports that more children have been killed by school shootings this year than deployed service members.

And while I’m in favor of some action happening to discuss the various issues related to school shootings, I found myself praying. I share with you my prayer and invite you to pray with me.

More young people were killed,

And the same debates start again,

With fingers pointing and voices blaming.

Remind us, Lord.

We don’t need to debate.

We don’t need to point fingers.

We don’t need to blame others.

Remind us, Lord,

We need to love others

To listen to each other

And come together

To change laws and attitudes.

Remind us, Lord,

That in you we are secure

By your grace we are secure

And through your love, we secure others.

Remind us, Lord,

That we are all your children,

That we are instruments of your peace,

That we are to love as you have loved us.

Remind us, Lord,

To beat our swords into plowshares

So violence is conquered by compassion

And love trumps hate.

Remind us, Lord. Remind us.