Read Jeremiah 33:14-16. 

At the time in which Jeremiah shared his prophecy, the Babylonians had conquered Israel.  As a result, the Israel people were exiled all over the Babylonian empire.  Everything that God had promised to the people seemed to be gone!  What happened?  Where was God in this?  The temple was destroyed.  Their homes were destroyed.  Families were separated.  God was in this?

The people longed to hear from God.

How often do we ask the same question.  Is God in this? We are surrounded by destruction. There is great suffering in our community and around the world. Is God in this? There is bullying in our schools. Is God in this? There is so much conflict in our families. Is God in this?

As a prophet, Jeremiah is the voice box of God.  Jeremiah gives the people hope in the promise of a new leader; a kingly leader who will rule in the tradition of David, the greatest king of Israel.  We know this king to be the Messiah, Jesus. This is what we prepare for during Advent, the coming of the promised Messiah who will change everything!

What does hope mean to you?   What do you hope for?  In what ways do you need Jesus to change everything?

We are surrounded by a lot of noise and voices in our society, in our schools, and in our homes.  With all of these voices, it is hard to hear the voice of God, leaving us wondering if God is even around.  Today, create a space where you can listen to God speaking to you.  Listen for God’s voice of hope in your life. In a journal, write down what you hear from God.


Holy One who promises the coming Messiah, be with us and guide us as we prepare and wait this Advent season. Help us to hear Your voice in the midst of so many other voices demanding our attention. Help us to see you in the midst of destructive lives. Amen.