mickeymatsonpiratescode-smPirate’s Code is a sequel to the earlier film Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure. This time Mickey (Derek Brandon) comes face-to-face with the evil Admiral Ironsides (Frank Collison) and his gang of misfit pirates. Their goal? Destroy civilization by removing technology. Their invention, the Tesla Coil, will send out an electromagnetic pulse throughout the world, destroying every electronic device.

Mickey and his best friend Sully (Francesca DeRosa), along with the secret government organization they belong to, set out to stop the pirates from stealing the last needed part for their weapon of mass destruction.

The film is a really decent family friendly film. It reminded me of the films they used to show us in the church I grew up in. The kids in the film are the heroes. And the adults in their lives, like Christopher Lloyd as Grandpa Jack, mentor them to be such.

Christopher Lloyd as Grandpa Jack

Christopher Lloyd as Grandpa Jack

This little film is packed with plenty to ponder. For starters, there is the whole theme about the use of technology. Admiral Ironsides wants to destroy the world by removing technology. He is disgusted by the way in which humanity has become so dependent upon technology. (It is somewhat ironic that the Admiral uses technology to create his weapon of mass destruction. Minor detail).

But it raises the question about society’s dependency on technology. Perhaps there is a more balanced way to remedy this dependency without causing armageddon.

Perhaps a more approachable theme for the film’s target audience is that of teamwork. It echoes of the Body of Christ, and raises the questions that the Church has wrestled with for centuries. How do we value each person’s gifts and strengths and work together? Grandpa Jack teaches Mickey that the most powerful weapon is teamwork.

Teamwork > technology.