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Guest Post: Pat Robertson Confused?

by Rev. Megan J. Saucier

I was floored.  I was floored as I often am with Pat Robertson’s comments.  Truthfully, the question and answer portion of the 700 Club is my favorite part of the show.  I like to see the questions people ask, because they often seem contrived.  I like to hear Pat Robertson act as if he is the expert on everything from eating right to toilet cleaners.  I find it funny the things he thinks of to share, but sometimes, I wish they would bleep him out.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, someone would actually condone beating their spouse.  Beating someone into submission can’t possibly be a healthy solution (not to mention the fact that it doesn’t work).  I would see that as a clear sin.  Would Pat Robertson argue that her behavior warrants a beating?  Would he say that the woman should submit to her husband?

He characterizes women as rebellious and unruly.  Women need to be “tamed.”  It is the same thing that men have said for centuries when women have had any power at all.  Their fear is that they will lose their own privilege and find themselves in a place where they are no longer in control of it all.

Sin is a wound we pass on.  It is the damage we do to one another.  Robertson is promoting a very sinful practice- harming another human being for your own personal gain.  This type of behavior will only promote more sin and hurt, passing on the wounds for generations.  Pat Robertson’s comments only remind us that he is a sinner, he is one in need of God’s grace.

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  1. Wow. Where is the Christian response of steady, constant love? I think the counsel he should’ve given is to continue to love her: “Love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” That means self-sacrifice, endurance and faithfulness. Such empty, dangerous advice he gives. Sickening really.

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