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Devotion: New Life is Coming

My father-in-law was in town a few weeks ago. We took him up to the Blue Ridge Parkway one day to explore the mountains and its trails. Spring has just started and the trees are still barren and dry leaves still litter the ground.

Yet, there were signs of spring.

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The season of Easter in the life of the church reminds us that in the midst of barrenness and dry ground, new life is springing. This new life is a hope that drives us to respond to the call God places on our lives.

So often we find ourselves in that in-between time, waiting and hoping for things to change. We wait for the doctor’s report. We wait for the birth of a child. We wait for a grade on a paper. We wait for graduation. We wait for justice. We wait . . . . And sometimes we wait for so long that we begin to feel like a pile of dry leaves.

We are brittle, sure to break at any moment. We are walked over and tossed aside. We are devalued by others, ignored for who we are. Rejected because we don’t look like, sound like, act like those who are “in.”

In the midst of this barrenness, new life sprouts through the dead leaves. Life cannot be sealed by death. Despite being walked on, tossed around, devalued, ignored, and rejected, life springs forth in and through us.

We call this hope. 

The promise of Easter is that we have a hope. The promise of the resurrection is that new life springs through the dead leaves of our lives.  Easter is a time to remember that the barrenness of life will end. Hope will abound.

New life is coming.


  1. Just what I needed to read today! <3

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