These are not always the first words used to describe a Vacation Bible School. You are more likely to hear words like loud, chaotic, messy. But that was not the chance at Peakland last week. While talking to Kristin, our VBS director at Peakland, she said, “My goal was for someone, somewhere, to have a spiritual experience.”

It happened.

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Just a quick read through the VBS Blog from last week will show you in words and pictures just some of the spiritual experiences that occurred. Since VBS concluded, we have received comments like the following from parents:

This was our first year attending and my daughter looked forward to it each day!

My child loved signing the songs and being able to bring them home to share with the family. She also loved telling me about the stories that she heard during the morning. This was a great way for her to learn more about God, especially since we don’t have a children’s church at our home church. Thank you for this week!

Once again, it was a great VBS! Thank you to your hard-working volunteers for making it a meaningful week of learning about God!

My children look forward to VBS each year, it is a wonderful experience for them.

Thank you for a great week. My daughter woke up Tuesday morning early just to play her cd and sing her vbs songs! A joy to my heart!

Someone, somewhere, had a spiritual experience.

Sunday during our VBS Celebration worship, Connie, a 78-year-old volunteer who moved volunteered in almost all aspects of VBS throughout the week, shared a testimony during our joys and concerns. As she shared, it became clear not just how much she enjoyed volunteering, but how touched she was by the experience. And Connie continued dancing to the VBS music with the children during the Sunday morning worship service.

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Our God is a powerful God. Powerful enough to reach individuals across the generations through songs, stories, games, and most of all, a welcoming, loving community. As one parent said:

I liked the size, and how welcoming and engaged the teachers were. My son had a bad, overwhelming experience last year at a different location and this was much better. And the missions projects were great.

Our God is a powerful God, powerful enough to provide for us, comfort us, heal us, forgive us, and love us forever. And powerful enough to work through us so that we can provide, comfort, heal, forgive, and love others.

As our VBS volunteers served our smallest friends, they led them in serving others through various mission projects like packing snack bags for the Lynchburg Daily Bread or making Mitten Monsters to comfort our friends at L’Arche or our homebound friends.

Someone, somewhere, had a spiritual experience.