The episode starts off with Claire and Phil getting a late night phone call that Haley is in jail. This one phone call, for some reason, warrants late night calls to Mitchell and Cameron and then to Jay. Claire, Phil, and Mitchell (the lawyer uncle) head to Haley’s college town to bail her out. Cam, in the meantime, is taking care of Luke and Alex, but serves up his homemade soy bacon. Luke, who is allergic to soy, starts to have an allergic reaction and Cam rushes them all to the hospital. Dee Dee (Shelly Long), Jay’s ex-wife, comes to his house to pick up a photo album. Jay tries to have this done before Gloria gets back because Dee Dee and Gloria do nothing but fight. But this time, they bond over Gloria’s pregnancy, which quickly turns on how much Jay did not do when Dee Dee was pregnant.

After driving and passing a bunch of waffle places where they could have had breakfast, Phil and Claire bail Haley out, who was caught on tape at a party and assaulting a police officer. While in the dorm room, Phil pulls out “Dad” voice and tells Haley that she not once has thought about how her actions have affected others, and she hasn’t once apologized for her actions. Upset, Phil walks out of the room. Later, at the school’s hearing on Haley’s actions, Haley apologizes for her actions, and begins to list all the mistakes she’s made since coming to college. Phil had to step up and speak honestly and truth to Haley. It may have hurt Haley’s feelings at first, or she may have felt that Phil was being unreasonable, but after giving his words some thought, Haley realizes that her dad was right. She wasn’t thinking about others and she needed to apologize. Sometimes truth hurts, but hopefully truth will lead us to the age old spiritual practice of confession. In many churches each Sunday, the community is lead through this practice, confessing to God that we are sinful, broken people who make mistakes and need forgiveness. Are we willing to be as open about our mistakes as Haley was? With others much less with God?