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Your Little Hands

when i hold your little hands in mine

i can’t help but wonder what your hands will hold

will your hands give food to the hungry?

will they raise up in protest of discrimination and racism?

will they hold a book into the wee hours of the morning?

will they hold a pen that will write liberating words?

will they paint as the spirit says paint?

will they hold a crying, malnourished child in a developing country?

will they be instruments of peace?

will they play the ivory keys of a grand piano?

will they hold the sticks of a drum set keeping the beat?

will they hold signs declaring God’s love?

will they break the bread and pour the juice?

will they show compassion to those on the margins?

whatever they do, it will be done with grace and love

with intentionality and with determination

whatever they do, it will be great

but, most of all, i hope they will always hold my hands.



  1. Really sweet- brought tears to this mama’s eyes!! <3 Sending out love and craziness to all three of you

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