A few weekends ago some of the guys in our youth group got together for a Mantreat.  Our first ever such event.  It was a Friday night through Saturday afternoon retreat.  We stayed overnight at the church where they played a nurf gun game, from which we are still finding nurf bullets in random places.  Before the evening was over the guys wrote questions down and put them in the “mantreat question jar”.  I randomly pulled questions out of the jar and read them aloud and then we discussed them as a group.  There was nothing off limits.

The next  morning, after a manly breakfast, the guys loaded up in the church van adorned in their flannel shirts to throw fire wood around.  The original plan was to deliver fire wood to some needy homes in the area and then spend the rest of the day splitting wood for the Methodist Men’s fire wood ministry.  However, the rain that day spoiled some of those plans.  We still headed out to deliver fire wood with assistance from some of the men in the church.

the guys loading the trailer

After loading a trailer full of wood, we headed out to deliver it.  After driving down pass the Hanover County Courthouse, we turned off the main road onto a broken road.  We passed houses that looked more like cinder block shacks.  It was hard not to notice as you drove down this “street” the scattered porta potties in the backyards.  Most of these homes are heated only by the generous acts of the men who help with this firewood ministry.  This is their only means of heat in the cold, winter months.  It’s a very stark difference between what most of us are used to seeing in Hanover County.

the guys after stacking wood at a home

After an evening of fun, these guys set out to do good in their community.  It’s hard to be this “manly.”  For more information about Lebanon UMC’s firewood ministry, visit the church’s website.