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I Have a Voice

God gave me a voice and said, “It is good.”
     But, I talk, and you carry on as if I’m not here.
     I speak and it is as if I’m not in the room.
As if I have nothing to say.

I have a voice.

It may not sing bits of harmony or recite the words of a great speech.
     It may not be charismatic and it may not be first-class
But I have a voice.

I have a voice.
     a song to sing.
     a speech to recite.
     wisdom to be passed down.

I have a voice.
     It may crack
          and it may be second-class
But I have a voice.

I have a voice
     a song to be sung
     a word to be spoken
     a message to be delivered

It’s my voice
     a gift from God.

I have a voice.


  1. You do have a voice, and you use it well. Perhaps you’ve inspired others to use theirs. God bless you.

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