*I am indebted to conversations with my friend, Kara, who blogs at byrnenlove, for the inspiration for this post.

polls_batmanrobin_4009_238289_poll_xlargeI should be at church right now.

It’s Sunday morning and I spend it leading worship at Peakland. In fact, today I was scheduled to preach. But, as life tends to do at times, everything got interrupted when baby J got pink eye.

Yep, pink eye.

This week already proved to be full of interruptions. From the Greek Orthodox woman at Starbucks who wanted to talk about Donald Trump to sharing unexpected news with people I care deeply about.

Pink eye was not the only interruption this week.

And yet, I’ve had a host of people remind me in word and deed that interruptions can be of God. Take the Apostle Paul for example. He is on his way to persecute some Christians, when a blinding light appears before him (Acts 9). (Talk about an interruption.) The blinding light was Jesus appearing to Paul, causing his eyes to open as if scales fell off his eyes.

Paul’s holy interruption transformed him into the leading preacher, missionary, and teacher of the Christian faith in his time. The teenage girl Mary’s holy interruption transformed her into the God-bearer. The tired shepherd Moses’ holy interruption transformed him into the deliver of his people.

Interruptions can be holy.

And these holy interruptions can have a massive impact on the lives of others.

So, I’m trying to greet each interruption, not with frustration, but with the warmth of greeting an old friend.

Lord, if I’m feeling rushed today, I need Your eyes to help me see That when an interruption comes, It is an opportunity. —Sper