Read Romans 5:1-11.

Lent Ponderings - jasoncstanley.comGod created the world and declared that it was good. God created humanity in the image of God and declared that it is good! But sin entered the sin and corrupted, marred, and distorted the image of God within humanity. As a result, we are imperfect, we are infected with sin.

We are weak, but as the children’s song goes, Jesus is strong.

Paul explains to us that Jesus did not die for those who are good or perfect. Jesus died for those who messed-up and screwed-up. Jesus died for the weak. Jesus died for those who fail and fall. Jesus died for those who have fallen short of the glory of God.

That would be you and me.

Because the image of God within each of us has been marred, corrupted, and distorted by sin, it has affected our relationship with God. Christ’s death and resurrection was so that we could be reconciled to God through Jesus (Roms. 5:10).

Traditionally we give up something during Lent to focus on our relationship with God. Some choose to add a spiritual discipline or a new practice. Either way, the season of Lent beckons us to reflect on our relationship with God. Where are we in our faith? In what ways are we weak? How has Jesus been strong when we have been weak? How have you encountered grace?